jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

Say what?

I wanna write a rap, but it's shit what comes to mind
i dont have a good voice, but what do i do with all of these noice?
my throught hurts just as much as my soul
cus i'm calling your name and you dont wanna get involved.

Bullshit, i don't believe it when you say
that you are confused, that you wanna turn the other way
i saw the way you were looking at me, i know it was real
so stop hiding 'cus i know how you feel

Maybe this is my karma, maybe i've played too much
i know i'm not a lady, but i don't really feel like a butch
anyways you left me to believe
that i was going to be the awful one, that i was the incomplete.

This is hard for me, i'm really far away from home
but i could sleep better knowing that i could borrow yours
i miss our sleep overs, i must confess
when i touched your skin, it made me go insane.

I can tell that you are done with me, so i'm not going to beg
i know that you are with someone, so i choose to forget.
i wish you a great life, all of the happiness
but more i wish to have on more taste of you, to kill this loneliness.

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